Nervous System Program


Supporting you to understand your nervous system

And shift your experience of being in the world

Emerge is a program of six modules, consisting of videos, guided exercises and an interactive workbook designed to bring you into a new relationship with your nervous system. 


You will learn how your history lives on in your body and guides you today.


Emerge is the right program for you if you have experienced one of more of the below symptoms:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Irritability
  • People-pleasing/ Unsatisfying Relationships
  • Low confidence/esteem
  • Discontentment/Dissatisfaction  
  • Indecision/Feeling Numb
  • Hyper-vigilance/ Overwhelm/ Panic
  • Locating intuition/authenticity
  • Gut issues
  • Skin issues
  • Sleep problems/ Exhaustion
  • Addictive patterns
  • Auto-Immune conditions
  • Chronic pain & Illness
  • Unexplained aches/pains

Perhaps you have

  • Tried many things and there is still a missing piece
  • Been looking for something more 
  • Challenges locating your intuition
  • People pleasing often trumps strong boundaries and self expression
  • The thought that taps on your shoulder "if I am really myself, people may not like me"



As part of Emerge, we invite you to begin living a life that is thriving, a life that is abundant in:

  • A regulated nervous system
  • Fulfilling/deeply connected/stable relationships
  • Access to your essence
  • Ease, peace and contentment
  • True intimacy
  • Being solid in yourself - maintaining boundaries
  • Confidence, decisiveness and certainty
  • Expressing your true authentic self
  • Improved sleep
  • A healthy digestive system
  • Feeling without strategies
  • Knowing your NO and your YES
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Being IN your body
  • Harmonious family life

What to expect

Full access to our signature program of 13 step by step videos split into 6 modules

Downloadable and printable workbook collating cutting edge methods to support integrating and personalising your work

Experience our expertly developed guided exercises to amplify and demonstrate this work in practice


How is this different?


We simplify complex ideas and bring a fresh, modern & inclusive energy so that you can understand what is happening in your biology in order to accelerate your healing.

Along with this we give you powerful guided practices to support integrating the material and making it come alive in tangible experiences.

From the start you will have easeful, nourishing, calming, satisfying, soothing & regulating encounters - feeling ‘held’.

Emerge consists of six modules:




Autonomic Nervous System 101
The Science of your Autonomic Nervous System explained




The trauma-informed biology of how we function
Your incredible survival system thrives when it’s doing the thing it was designed to do. Let’s see how that’s meant to look.




Where do challenges like anxiety, low confidence, people-pleasing etc. originate?
lots of unhelpful patterns and experiences occur when things get stuck in our systems - why?




How does this affect my experience? (From IBS to chronic fatigue)
It's the final straw that makes it seem like things happen "out of nowhere"




Shifting our physiological experience of life - increased regulation, abundant relationships.
Let's explore safety and support!<




Living Fully! Connecting to your essence, being YOU!!



Meet Your Guides


The founders, Tui and Simon.

With over 25 years of combined experience, Tui and Simon have experienced the impact of this work in their own lives which then has impacted the relationships, families and communities around them.

This change is what feeds their desire to extend this work to as many souls as possible. They believe that there is no greater privilege than to witness another's transformation.



Your Investment


13 videos - totally original, professionally produced videos curated into 6 clear modules enabling sequential learning

Interactive digital workbook - 25 pages of crafted reflections and exercises specific to this program which will embed this work further (yours to keep forever)

6 Exercises - to integrate the theory with simple practises designed to give you first hand experiences (Exclusive to the Emerge program)

12 months Unlimited access to all materials

$300 USD




What else to expect from Emerge


Connecting with the content through exercises and workbooks you’ll become knowledgable of what the process of change looks like.

The outcome of this program is that you will be knowledgeable about the Autonomic Nervous System, how it stores things that are too overwhelming and how that plays out in your life. It will also give you trust and hope that this can heal and change.

From the start you will have (easeful / nourishing / calming / satisfying / soothing) regulating encounters - feeling ‘held’.

You’ll have access to the videos for one year to explore the material, understand each module and discover your true self in your own timing. The workbook is yours to download and keep.





What people are saying

“Completing the Emerge course has brought about an awareness of what is happening in my body and is allowing me to have more control over my responses. This means I can make better choices. Before now, it was happening unconsciously and impacting my mood and my relationships - and not in a good way!”

— Trish Watson

I did Emerge as I was experiencing a very regular cycle of lows. Externally life felt aligned and pretty good however internally I felt very heavy and helpless at times. Throughout Emerge I felt like I could really find the missing pieces of the puzzle. I gained more of an understanding as to what was happening internally meaning I could find lots more compassion for my humanness. It is so well explained. The metaphors and examples used really help relate it back to yourself and it's easily digestible.The program shifted how I responded to myself. Overall I felt like I was no longer fighting my experience and more so working with myself. Coming out of the program I feel more trusting in myself and my body for always trying to do its best!  

— Caroline Sherratt

I truly felt 'held' during the whole program. I had some previous knowledge of how my nervous system works and why I was sometimes feeling overwhelmed or reactive. Revisiting it with Emerge and learning more about new concepts really solidified the idea that I have the power to support my nervous system to return to a calm and grounded state. I also have the power to heal past traumas and become a lighter, more joyful version of myself. If you want to understand why you feel the way you feel and what you can do to change your experience of life, I strongly recommend Emerge.  

— Caro Bresson

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