Reshape Your World

We provide a self-paced, online, nervous system program in a jargon-free, easy to digest format through a trauma-informed, attachment and somatic therapy lens.





Join our self paced immersive program.

  • Six modules of powerful content to allow you to attend to your nervous system
  • Two rigorously trained experts to guide you with proven knowledge and caring commitment throughout your time
  • An interactive 25 page workbook to help you bring theories and concepts to life
  • A collection of unique held exercises to give you the felt of experience of “attending to your nervous system”



What inspired us


Meet the founders, Tui and Simon

With over 25 years of combined experience, Tui and Simon have experienced the transformational impact of this work and how it continues to permeate every corner of their lives

This change is what feeds their desire to extend this work to as many souls as possible. They believe that there is no greater privilege than to share this wisdom as far and wide as possible.




How is this different?


Drawing from the very latest evidential knowledge of trauma, the autonomic nervous system, somatic therapy and attachment, our approach uncovers how your history lives on in your body and shapes how you experience yourself and your relationships.

We simplify complex ideas in a fresh, modern & inclusive way so that you can understand from the ‘top down’ what is happening in your physiology.

We give you powerful practices that support you to integrate this knowledge from the ‘bottom up’.

About The Work


It is now common to hear terms such as attachment, trauma-informed, nervous system, healing, nervous system regulation - the list goes on.

Through increasingly sophisticated technology and science, our knowledge expands, as does our understanding of how these terms connect to our physical, emotional and mental experience of being in the world and most importantly, how to shift it.

 At Held, we have combined this work and woven it together with our philosophies to bring you programs that unfold like a story in front of you.





What people are saying

Doing Emerge has been a further step into my recovery journey from trauma. It has given me a deeper understanding of how I experience the outer world as well as my inner world. As the name of the brand suggests, I felt held: Simon and Tui led me into a journey where I felt challenged and they supported me in getting through it with their videos, exercises, and presence. I highly recommend Emerge to anyone who wants to know more about where their pain comes from and how it shows up in the body and mind. 

— Francesco Brogi

Emerge helped me to tune into my body and connect more to my natural responses and approach them with kindness and understanding. As someone who has often felt overstimulated, overwhelmed and "wired" - thinking I was “too much” - I now feel much less a 'victim' to my state and more able to understand my responses, making life much more easeful. The videos and exercises were incredible. Tui & Simon both made me feel so at ease. They conveyed a sense of openness and calm, creating a judgement-free space (even via video) that made me feel truly supported and heard. I recommend this course a million times over for anybody who's ready to no longer feel like they are riding the rollercoaster of their mind and body.

— Megan Diment

“As a result of doing the Emerge course, I became more mindful and aware of my surroundings which helped me ground and slow things down, remove the overwhelm and be grateful with all I have already. Even starting this course, I thought I was ready but I was actually quite restless and irritated. However at the end of this I am feeling way more calm, and the internal frustration seems to be gone!

— Kayla Oughton

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