Our Nervous System Programs combine a unique blend of techniques designed to transform your understanding of life.


Expertly crafted programs that will show you the path towards living in the essence of who you truly are.

Many of our clients experience life long benefits, including: 

  • Fulfilling, deeply connected, stable relationships
  • Increased confidence and decisiveness
  • Connection to intuition and self expression
  • Improve gut and skin health
  • Moving through depression and anxiety
  • Recovering from addictive patterns
  • Peace, ease, contentment


Why Held?


We created Held with the intention of spreading the latest wisdom and knowledge around trauma, the nervous system, somatic therapy and attachment to as many people as possible in a way that you didn’t have to be a therapist to understand.


We had found that whilst working with individuals and couples as practitioners, our clients improved around their level of self-awareness and growth. However, there were some things that weren’t shifting.


We personally started to explore deeper and more focused work around Trauma, Nervous System, Attachment, Psychobiology and Somatics resulting in a remarkable transformation in our physiological experience of being in the world. Our felt sense of being in our bodies, of living this life, began to fundamentally be reshaped. This impacted all parts of our lives from physical health, energy levels, access to our intuition and much more.


When we worked with our clients in these modalities, we saw the same thing - a process leading to a different biological sense of how they responded to the world around them.

We realised that, because we had been trained in these modalities and understood what was occurring in our systems on a scientific level, our journeys were quicker than those of our clients. More and more, we spent time empowering our clients with this knowledge and their healing was drastically accelerated.


This is where Held was born.


Held is a space where we want people to be empowered to go and heal in the kindest, gentlest and most time-efficient way. We simplify and make accessible the knowledge that was passed to us, based on the most up to date research and science, providing programs informed by cutting edge learning techniques to support people to understand how it would be to live the fullest expression of themselves.These self-paced nervous system programs have the held DNA throughout - namely, to democratise the knowledge and empower people to begin the journey of substantial and long lasting change. We want you to connect to how trauma, your nervous system and attachment adaptation significantly shape your experience of life.



Meet Tui & Simon


This work transformed our physiological experience of being in the world.

We started Held because we are so amazed by how this knowledge impacts our own felt sense of being in the world - whether that be in our work individually or together as a couple.


When we started supporting and witnessing the change in others as they, too, started to understand themselves more, we became excited about merging our skills, experience and expertise to create something completely unique.

We don’t claim to have it all sussed and definitely don’t have a life without challenges but we have experienced sustained improvements and we consistently hear that this is the experience of our program participants.  




Born in Tāmaki-Makaurau (Auckland), Aotearoa (New Zealand) and raised in different parts of both islands, this beautiful and sacred land runs through Tui to her very core whilst she simultaneously sits in her Pākehā (NZ European) experience and learns how to be in relationship in a meaningful way with this land and it’s people.

​​Impacted by the challenges we faced socially and environmentally, Tui began running incubators and creating programs around the business of social change but soon was on her own personal journey navigating and then healing from isolation, anxiety, depression, unhealthy relationship dynamics and burnouts.

Tui inevitably became drawn to supporting others and trained as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner™ , PACT® practitioner (Pyschobiological Approach to Couple Therapy), DARe™ practitioner, Professional integral coach, Restorative yoga teacher, NVC mediator and co-founded The Social Experiment, Emerge Institute and The Pākehā Project (Pākehā leaders decolonising themselves).
You can find out more about Tui’s private practice here.


Drawing on her experience of running and facilitating programs in social innovation and her years of training in the healing space, Tui loves to combine these with the latest scientific knowledge in order to share information in an accessible, scalable way. Connecting many of the things she is deeply passionate about to create systems change is what makes Tui’s work at Held so rewarding.

Tui loves being close to nature whether that be in the garden, near expanses of water or in the native bush of Aotearoa. She values close connection with like minded people and collaborating on the next chapter of Held.




Simon was born and raised just outside London and his first love was music. A career in the global music industry managing artists and working with record labels, coupled with Simon’s personality and temperament, was somewhat destined to result in a stint at rehab. That was 2006 and it was to be the catalyst for Simon’s passionate study into the human condition.

Simon went on to train and work as a Psychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner™, DARe™ practitioner, PACT® couple therapist, NVC mediator and Yoga teacher. 
You can find out more about Simon's private practice here.


 These trainings, coupled with his own experiences of addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, challenging relationships and codependency, all informed the journey towards the co-creation of held with Tui.

Co-creating programs has allowed Simon to be at the intersection of his deep music industry knowledge with the healing work that has transformed his life. The music business taught him how to crystalise and communicate a message which can impact the way people feel and Held’s program does the same.

Simon now loves to hang out near but not necessarily on some water - enjoying the storms just as much as the sunshine. He has a passion for tea and a slow, strong yoga class and on any given weekend you may find him knee deep in some kind of tech quandary!



With backgrounds in Integral Coaching®, psychotherapy, trauma-informed and restorative yoga, Somatic ExperiencingTM, Dynamic Attachment Repatterning (DAReTM), Sexual trauma healing, Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT®), NVC, education and addiction we have some bases covered.


We wondered if there could be a space where a combination of all of those modalities could mix with our own ideas within nervous system focused programs and so we created Held - a space where people can come and learn about why they are experiencing life in the way that they are and how they may be able to shift that. We hope to share this knowledge so that everyone can learn how they could come into their true way of being. We envision a world where there is a nervous-system educated, trauma-informed way of being in our communities and homes, in our businesses and institutions.



Our self paced immersive program. 

  • Six modules of powerful content to allow you to attend to your nervous system
  • Two rigorously trained experts to guide you with proven knowledge and caring commitment throughout your time 
  • An interactive 25 page workbook to help you bring theories and concepts into your new reality



How is this different?


We simplify complex ideas and bring a fresh, modern & inclusive energy so that you can understand what is happening in your biology and have that inform the next step on your journey.

Along with this we give you powerful practices to support you that you'll have for life!

From the start you will have easeful, nourishing, calming, satisfying, soothing & regulating encounters - feeling ‘held’.

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The Autonomic Nervous System program | Attachment | Held Therapy


We provide self-paced, online, nervous system programs in a jargon-free, easy to digest format through a trauma-informed, attachment and somatic therapy lens.

Drawing from the very latest evidential knowledge of trauma, the autonomic nervous system, somatic therapy and attachment, our approach uncovers how your history lives on in your body and shapes how you experience yourself and your relationships..

We simplify complex ideas in a fresh, modern & inclusive way so that you can understand from the ‘top down’ what is happening in your physiology.

We give you powerful practices that support you to integrate this knowledge from the ‘bottom up’.